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The team Total Hydraulic Services Ltd  has extensive knowledge in design, manufacture, installation and servicing of a wide range of hydraulic equipment. The following are some areas that we specialise in:



We service other lifting devices on buildings such as mobile cranes, building maintenance units, hydraulic lifts, concrete pumping booms, and any other specialised equipment used to jack buildings or slip forms.


Modern construction methods use excavators to multi task at all stages of the project: the use of excavators with hydraulic breakers and concrete crushers to demolish the old building and then dig out the foundations. Then to begin construction with rock breakers, milling attachments, tamping and vibration equipment and varied sized buckets for many applications.

The excavator has become the workhorse of the industry. The many types, brands, and sizes require experience, knowledge and expertise to effect repairs. Equally the knowledge and expertise to repair the various attachments is as important to the industry. We have the necessary people to effect required repairs in our workshop and with mobile servicemen.

Drills and Piling equipment

The latest machinery to the old Rustons, we service them all. Pile drills, sheet pile installers and extractors. Drills that fit on all size excavators for drainlayers or house re-pilers - we can manufacture or service them all.

Road Machinery

Road rollers of every size and type, static, vibratory, multi tyred, sheepsfoot, self powered or towed. While we prefer to have them in our yard for service we do service in the field.

Because of the varied nature of the different systems and the difference in the size and type of hydraulic lines it is preferable for the machine to be in our yard to reduce the service cost.

We have serviced many different types of road pavers, Blaw Knox, Bitelli, Barber Greene, AEG, Demag. We have also built and serviced all types of chip spreaders manufactured in New Zealand.

All types of road building machinery, road millers, tar sprayers, water carts, concrete pumps, graders, bulldozers, crushers, feeders, dump trucks are part of our current service base.

At Total Hydraulics Ltd we have a wide range of Industrial Hydraulic experience, contact us now to discuss your requirement.



We have been involved in the redesign of food processing machinery which was initially supplied from overseas manufacturers and has passed it's use by date.

The design of stronger machinery to replace lighter duty machines and the supply of components from European manufacturers not serviced in the New Zealand market.

Design and manufacture of components for packaging machinery and modifications to existing machinery for faster or more reliable processes.


Modern Plastics machinery requires modern service to maintain reliability. This involves regular service to ensure oil cleanliness, filter service and maintain machine reliability.

We service older machines that have major mechanical failures due to age and obtain or manufacture parts to suit. We have redesigned hydraulics on some machines to fit locally available products as replacements for failed units no longer available.

We have experience on all types of plastic machinery, plastic handling and plastic refining equipment.

Chemical mixers

The use of hydraulic motors and hydraulic mixers to process resins, emulsions, and other chemicals has always been an important part of of our industrial service. From the largest closed loop systems to open circuit faster mixers.

In plants where explosion proof controllers for remote use and where infinite rpm adjustment is critical to an industrial process our expertise is there.

Waste Compaction

For many years we have serviced the waste industry - chemical, refuse, human, animal and industrial.

Front loading rubbish trucks, stationery compactors in hotels and factories, sewage works, council transfer compactors, airport quarantine and many others in various locations.

Our ability to respond to breakdowns at any time is critical to this industry.

General Industry

Total Hydraulic Services Ltd have serviced the Steel Plant at Pacific Steel since 1984 and have been involved in major refurbishment and redesign of hydraulic components to extend the life of componentry within the plant. As the mill has increased production any failure is now critical to production and this is an environment where we excel.

We have extended the working life of hydraulic cylinders by the sourcing and use of the latest sealing technology from Germany and innovative design and manufacturing of cylinder components.

We have extended this knowledge to all other industries - rollforming, press brakes, punching equipment, small workshop equipment, etc.


We offer hydraulic expertise in all facets of marine hydraulics from the smallest pleasure boat to cruise liners and all manner of vessels in between.

We offer a design and supply service for hydraulic equipment to cater for every need within the industry.

We service marine cranes on cargo vessels, steering systems and hatch cover cylinders and valves, rear doors and ramps on roll off ships, elevators and specialised discharging equipment on bulk carriers, right down to marine cranes on Navy vessels. Service to vessels in the Pacific islands of Fiji, Samoa, Tonga and Tahiti have from time to time been required with many trips to Tahiti to service the vessel Aranui.

We manufacture and service power packs used to power passenger ramps on ferry terminals, steering and cargo handling equipment on gulf island ferries and harbour ferries.

For many years the fishing industry in Auckland have used the services of Total Hydraulic Services to re-power hydraulics, carry out new installations, and carry out service to existing systems.

Total Hydraulic Services, as a distributor of Eaton hydraulics, have recently been involved in the design and supply of hydraulic equipment to a new barge used to harvest mussells in the Coromandel. The barge is the largest harvester of it’s type in the Coromandel utilising the latest design hydraulic equipment to ensure total performance while harvesting without compromising quality at a competitive price. As the system was designed from scratch all components are matched to keep the system running cool at full pressure.

Over the years we have built many net haulers, to customer specifications, to suit many different applications with different types of fish. Dogfish in the Kaipara, Snapper in the Coromandel to Gurnard on the West coast.

Pleasure boat steering systems using auxiliary power sources or helm pumps, tilt or trim cylinders to satellite steering systems we also have the knowledge to service them all.


Hydraulic machinery for materials handling is now in every part of everyone's life no matter where.

Swinglifters to move containers, Truck cranes up to 72 tonnes, mobile cranes even bigger, taillifts to move furniture and white ware, document shredders for secure destruction of documents, forklifts to charge and discharge cargo.

Since 1984 we at Total Hydraulic Services Ltd have been involved with Palfinger cranes and more recently with Cormach cranes.

The Palfinger range of cranes from 1.2 tonne to 72 tonne have become a major part of our service due to the increase in population of the cranes and the satisfaction of our existing and growing customer base. We are proceeding down the path for OSH accreditation to become licensed crane inspectors, which will allow our customers to comply with existing OSH standards.

Aerial Platforms are also a major part of our service as industry embraces a safer approach to tree maintenance around power lines and general Arborist work practice. Complete platform rebuilds for 10 year certificates, electrical safety checks, and boom acoustic tests are standard procedures for our customers.

We have recently assisted with the design and supplied the hydraulic components to power a series of glass installation platforms used to construct extensive glasshouse complexes in the Franklin district.

As we maintain a fleet of modern service vehicles we are able to offer service at your place should you require it. We are prepared to travel to any location to suit our customer requirements but do stipulate there are extra expenses incurred.

If you believe that your hydraulic requirement does not fit into any of the above categories please contact us as we may still be able to help you. If we are not able to help you we will offer you alternatives through our extensive knowledge base of suppliers around the world.